About Me

Andrew George here!

I am currently a full-time university student, part-time retail worker and most importantly a Pocket Wanderer.

I define a Pocket Wanderer as someone who prefers a travel style that is as light as possible; money light, equipment light and most importantly, worry light. Light enough to fit everything in your literal and metaphorical pockets.

Being the middle child in a low-income family of four and raised by a single mom, travel was never in the cards. It was such a foreign idea to me that I thought it was something only the rich and privileged were allowed. Growing up mostly in Edmonton and Toronto, I never took for granted any chance to get out of my neighbourhood. Whether it was West Edmonton Mall or Roncesvalles, I was pleased by any adventure I could get my feet on.

My first adventure was in 2012 at the age of 17. I had the amazing opportunity to do an art tour in New York City…and that is where it all began.

Since then, the travel bug has sunk its fangs deep into my soul, opening my eyes to prioritizing travel. Whether it’s exploring more of my tiny neighbourhood or penny pinching towards an international adventure, travelling will always be the end goal. I have never taken for granted the immense amount of work it takes for us average everyday working people with relationships and commitments to go and see what is really out there.

To this date, I have been to Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara), Poland (Warsaw), Serbia (Belgrade), Macedonia, Greece (Halkidiki), New York City, Montreal, Kansas and Florida (Orlando).

Throughout my travels, I have discovered the purity of travelling on a dime, going destination to destination without being bogged down by heavy baggage and most importantly, always seeing the world with a clear and open mind.

Follow my stories as I help all of us travel cheaper and lighter while also helping YOU discover your inner travel style.

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