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Top 5 Smart Phone Apps to Track Cheap Flight Deals in 2019

Note: This is not a sponsored article, I just genuinely think these are the best apps based off of my own personal experience.

You would never blindly spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new computer or mattress without first doing research and tracking the best available deals. So why would you blindly book a flight to your next destination the same way? The key to swinging the best flight deal is to have the right collection of travel apps locked, loaded and ready on your smartphone. In as little as 60 seconds, get ready to figure out the top 5 best smartphone apps for both iOS and Android for tracking cheap flights

  1. Hopper

Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons

Its sleek UI and the intuitive step-by-step guiding system offers the best user-experience on the market and is the best tool to use when starting to track cheap flights. Hopper begins with asking for your desired destination and the dates you wish to travel. In less than 5 seconds, you are directed to a colour-coated calendar. Green; “Book Now! This is the cheapest date to fly out.” Yellow; “It’s ok, maybe adjust your time frame or wait longer.” Red; “It’s going to be a no for now.” Even green coloured dates have the possibility of dropping further in price. Hit the watch button and in moments you are receiving real-time push notifications if the price drops or rises. The cute little bunny avatar even predicts how much more the flight will drop or rise in the coming weeks. Hopper focuses exclusively on flights, giving it the user edge — so hit the app/play store, find the pink bunny and download now!

Download Hopper App

  1. Sky Scanner

Photo Source: Flight Hub

Sky Scanner operates a little like Hopper, but with a less seamless UI and a focus on Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals. It is best to utilize Sky Scanner when booking Multi-City flights, as its system for multiple flights is intuitive and can get you the lowest rate possible. Sky Scanner often lowers its cost the more you view a certain trip (as opposed to Expedia who raises it the more you view it.) If you like to keep your hotel, flight and car rental info in one spot, use Sky Scanner to track and book your next trip.

Download Sky Scanner App

  1. Flight Hub

        Photo Source: Flight Hub

Flight Hub, aka,“the king of banner ads”. Visit the site enough and you’ll have banner ads popping up all over your Google, Facebook and Instagram ­— offering you the lowest price on the trip you just looked at two seconds ago. I booked my April trip through Flight Hub and it was the best decision I ever made. A regular direct flight originally listed between $1500-$1600, dropped to $1200 with insurance and a seat upgrade included, just by booking through a banner ad. I dare you to give it a try! What’s the worse that will happen? You’ll save some money?

Download Flight Hub App

  1. Google

 Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons

Google is on here because, Google…right? Google scours the entire web for all available flights and orders them based on popularity, time and chosen filters. It gets a lower spot on the list because there is no, “Google Flights app” per se — but through the Google App, you can access a UI similar to Sky Scanner along with email notifications on select flights. With the introduction of Google Home, Google’s intuitive home assistant, you can simply command your device to tell you the latest flight details to any location. If we are talking negatives, once it is time to book, you are re-directed to the website that offers the listed deal, you don’t actually book through Google. For those who love to stick to one or few booking ecosystems, this may be a hard, but it is no doubt a great tool for flight research and you may even come across uber low flights mistakenly listed (It has happened before!)

Download Google App

  1. Kayak

  Photo Source: Wikipedia Commons

Don’t let Kayak being last on my list fool you. Kayak, one of the big boys on the block, is the perfect option for those who like to stay loyal to a single travel site. You get lowest listed flights, site comparison, hotels, excursions, car rentals and the whole bit. There is an internal awards system and their customer service is one of the best (I once got a full refund and a free nights stay when my booked hotel in New York turned me away.) With that all said, some people (such as my self) like to use multiple sites to get the lowest possible price for a trip. In addition, Kayak is best used when booking hotel and flight together (a la Expedia) — and in some cases, we are prone to book Air BNB’s, hostels or room shares to keep the price as low as possible.

Download Kayak App

There you have it! Anyone of these apps alone will help your track low flights on the go. While all of them have their strengths and weaknesses, using this entire arsenal of apps together always keeps me prepared for the next big price drop.

Did I miss anything? What do you think about my choices? Sound off below, through any of my social media channels or email me directly!

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