Japan, Start Here

I’m going to Tokyo…again!

Yes, you read that right — I’m going back to Tokyo in just two short months.

If you’ve had the chance to read through any of my previous blog posts, you’d know how much I love Japan as a travel destination and hold all of my other trips to that standard. My trip back in Summer 2017 is a memory I cling to even in this very moment. Since then, I’ve done smaller domestic trips and also a big solo adventure to Seoul and Taipei. Although all of my travels spawn great memories, my heart always aches for Japan.

So when I had the opportunity to go squeeze a week of Tokyo in right before Christmas, I simply couldn’t say no.

Although, there is a big BUT to all of this…


I will not be blogging my experience in Tokyo this time around.

“But Andrew, you run a travel blog — isn’t the whole point of this thing to pour out every candid memory of your travels to the benefit of your very tiny readership?”

First off, I love my tiny little readership.

Second, well yea, you got me there…


This time around, I wanted to have a trip as disconnected from my world as possible.

No internet, no skype calls back home and no mental exertion — just myself and my thoughts in my favourite place on earth. I think as a travel blogger you have to separate work and travel sometimes and know that it’s ok to be selfish about moments you want to keep to yourself.

There is no doubt that I’ll take a picture or two while rediscovering a place I hold so dearly in my memory or even save a few vertical videos to later post on Instagram while waiting in Haneda Airport.


One thing I do want to share with you though is my Tokyo Bucket List ROUND 2. The thing that is great about revisiting a location that you have before is you can get around to doing things you never did the first time. I am all for taking your time and discovering a location at a snail’s pace, but Tokyo is just too grand and there is never a shortage of things to do.

The following are a list of things I never got around to doing the first time I went and hope to experience them in December:

  • Odaiba Park [Because Digimon was everything to me growing up, and I need to see that giant Gundam.]
  • Kobe Beef or A5 Wagyu [I heard there is a really good A5 AYCE in Ginza!]
  • Traditional Soba [RIGHT!? Never got to this the first time around — too much ramen!]
  • Chanko Nabe Sumo Food [Because who doesn’t want to eat like a Sumo Wrestler?]
  • Fluffy Japanese Pancake [I had them in Korea and they were NOT good, here’s hoping Tokyo changes that.]
  • Onsen [I’ve done a hot spring in Taiwan, but a Japanese Onsen in the winter time, the goosebumps are already running up my arm!]
  • Fuji/Hakone [One of my day trips has to be the Fuji/Hakone area!]
  • Nikko [If I don’t do Fuji/Hakone, Nikko is my next choice.]
  • Golden Gai/Memory Lane [This one surprised a lot of people. I actually spent very little time in Shinjuku in general — so I plan to make an entire day of it.]
  • Omakase Sushi [This should be at the top of the list. I’ve heard going at lunch brings the price down…so frugal Andrew here we come!]
  • Snow Monkeys [I’m thinking of a weekend in Nagano. Thoughts?]
  • Expensive Fruit [A $15 peach, no big deal.]
  • Explore Tokyo’s Coffee Scene [Last time, all of my coffee came from a vending machine…]


This is just a short list of things I really tried to squeeze in the first time around, but couldn’t get to. Whether I do all of these things or just one of them, I’m really looking forward to December and am even more excited to tell you about my upcoming 2019 adventure, which I’ll be in full blog mode for! 😉

Thank you for following along and I hope you are booking your dream trip right now — you deserve it!

If you have any suggestions for things I must do when visiting Tokyo a second time around, please let me know in the comments or send me a message on Instagram.

Picture Source: PEXELS

4 thoughts on “I’m going to Tokyo…again!”

  1. “The thing that is great about revisiting a location that you have before is you can get around to doing things you never did the first time.”

    Nicely put. I find that thinking along these lines helps me enjoy my holidays a lot more, with fewer regrets at the end about what I wasn’t able to see or didn’t have the time to do.

    I’ve visited Japan 17 times thus far, mix of long and short trips – just got back from a 5-day jaunt based in Fukuoka and heading off again for a longer-cross country experience next month. Every time I go, I usually try to squeeze in a new city, or better yet a new prefecture (trying to collect all 47 – just 7 more to go!), but I also have no qualms about spending a few days in places I’ve visited countless times before. Tōkyō of course (as you’ve said, one can never run short of things to do there), and some of my other favourites like Nagoya (splendid place, doesn’t get as much love from tourist forums as it deserves), seeking out not just new attractions in each of them but also dropping by the same streets, the same museums, the same parks, even the same ramen joints just to revel in a whiff of the familiar. Almost without fail, I’ll end a trip having missed this castle or that garden that I’d been hoping to visit, either because I was risking a missed train or the weather was uncooperative or I’d misjudged the closing hours or I felt like going somewhere else all of a sudden. No regrets though … just a relaxed shrug and a whispered “thanks for giving me an excuse to come back here next time!”

    Cheers and enjoy your next Japan adventure. Might dip into your Korea posts next – that’s another country I’ve fallen in love with and (like Japan) make a point of visiting every year, and it’s often great fun to see how other people have enjoyed their own experiences there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for this long reply. I loved reading through it. 17 TIMES!!! That is crazy. But I totally get it. If my situation allowed it, I would be there a few times a year. I am definitely going to make it an annual visit. I get the idea of visiting the same places for that sense of nostalgia. I really need to find a balance between the old and the new this time around. I’m planning on spending a few days in Kamakura, as it is a place I have always wanted to visit. Really liked your insight on this.

      As for Seoul. I 100% recommend it. More than that though, Taiwan. That is a hidden gem of a country. Really gives some more well-known destinations a run for their money.


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