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Taipei X Seoul – An iPhone 7 Film: Make pro travel videos with your smartphone!

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on video equipment and use the pro tool you already have in your pocket – your smartphone!

Check out TaipeixSeoul – a travel memory filmed entirely from my iPhone 7!

I’m not a professional videographer, nor do I have any professional training in video editing — regardless, I wanted to create a short film that summarized the memories I had while travelling in 2018. Not only that, but I wanted it to be creative, thematic and engaging.

If you dig through YouTube or Instagram, you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of beautifully produced travel videos. Some creators even live off the work they do. For most, this kind of production is not realistic, especially if you are a student (like myself) or have a full-time job. So what is the solution to this? How do you create something more than a shaky clip or blurry photos?

Most importantly, how do create the best travel video at the lowest possible cost? 

The Answer: You are most likely using it at this very moment.

That’s right, your smartphone!

The answer to better travel videos at the lowest possible cost is using your phone. No need to drop hundreds of dollars on a new Nikon or find every travel accessory to go with it. Your phone, some simple editing software and a mini tripod will do the trick.

By already having a smartphone (Android, iPhone, etc.), you have eliminated the most expensive part — the camera. All you need now is some editing software on your iPhone (most of which are free) or your laptop (I go between Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie.) The next important piece of a gear is a tripod — but no need to splurge — I recommend the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod at $24.99 CAD. I had the DJI OSMO Mobile 2 stabilizer with me, but I do not recommend it at all, especially if you have an iPhone (full review on that coming soon.) Most of my buttery smooth footage came free hand with the Manfrotto Tripod.

Not only have you just saved hundreds of dollars, but you can now create videos on par with some of the more basic DSLR’s and Powershots out there.

Some people opt for additional smartphone lenses, microphones and stabilizers, but I think it is all unnecessary, especially since these videos are not for commercial purposes.

“But Andrew, I don’t know how to edit videos, or even take decent looking shots. How can I even make something like this?”

I was in the same boat as you just before my trip in April. As a matter of fact, during my 2017 trip to Japan, my videography skills were so embarrassing, you will probably never see any of that footage make its way on here.

Pro Tip: Choose your music first and edit the footage to the flow of the tune. It makes the video better paced and more engaging.

With a simple YouTube search, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on how to capture better smartphone footage, how to edit videos in a cinematic style and most importantly how to tell a story with your footage. A couple of channels that really helped me out while starting out are Matti HaapojaPeter McKinnonMoment, Taylor Cut Films, Thomas Alex Norman.

All it takes is a little vision, inspiration and some practice and you’ll have a memory that you’re not embarrassed to share with your friends and family. Most importantly, you’ll have something to show that will entertain and inspire.

Not only are you able to save money and still create better travel memories, but you are travelling lighter, smarter and worry-free.

Thank you for reading and most importantly…


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