Taipei Journal #3: Ximending & Avengers Infinity War

A night of lights, Taiwanese snacking and high emotions….was seeing Avengers Infinity War in Taipei really the best idea? What if I told you I saw it twice?

[Note: This post contains zero spoilers about Avengers: Infinity War. Scouts Honour.]

How can I describe Ximending? If Shibuya is your sophisticated friend who wants what is best for you, Ximending is the friend who hands you your first ever beer at 15-years old. Although not at the scale of major city centres (a la Times Square, Shibuya, Shinjuku), what it does shine in is personality, 6 or 7 intersecting main streets all weaved together with interconnecting veins. Imagine a tree – the main streets are the branches and the small crevices are the twigs. Each nook has its own quirk, you never know where you’ll end up.

Yonge and Dundas, is that you?
In the words of the great poet Ms. Demo Lovato, “LIKE NEON LIGHTS!!!!”
Yup, this was down one of those alleys. It was a small little park with a treehouse. Sadly it was closed when I was walking by.

There are eats, drinks, and sweets around every facet of Ximending. Although I’m still nursing the night time nausea from jet lag, I am waiting for the moment that I can pig my heart out. Taiwanese chicken, sausage, rice noodle, pancakes, bubble tea…YOU NAME IT! And of course, you have your McDonalds, Starbucks, Mos Burger, Yoshinoya, KFC, etc. I have this thing where I have to try McDonalds in every single country I visit.

My very first meal in Ximending. Was not disappointed. About $7 CAD for all three offerings.

The true standout for me is the convenience stores at each corner. A wide variety of food and drink at the most affordable of prices. From western inspired food to true Asian staples, Family Mart and 7-Eleven have truly dynamic offerings.

Yes, that is Chatime Milk Tea in a carton.

Last but certainly not least. Avengers Infinity War. So coincidentally, my trip fell on the exact week the culminating Marvel movie hit the big screen. People told me to hold out until I get back and that there was “no rush” to see it. Well, let me tell you, the hour and a half it took me to prepurchase my ticket online was well worth the wait. The movie was unlike anything I’ve ever seen from the genre. I will leave it there as I don’ t want to give anything at all away. Let’s just say right after the movie ended, I walked back to the ticket counter, bought another screening and walked right back in. I’ve never done that for any movie…ever. Let alone while I’m running off bare hours of sleep.

With that said, I was really excited about the energy Taipei brought for the movie’s premiere. Billboards everywhere, wall decals and even pop-up shops around town.

There is something insanely cool about the chinese type in the poster. Also, Chinese subtitles were not as distracting as I anticipated.
Avengers pop-up shop was packed. Interesting to see Marvel fans in action around the world.
Just a few Marvel trinkets to commemorate this experience.

One guy in my hostel was like, “Why would you waste precious time on your vacay to see a movie you can wait to see back home?” He just didn’t get it. I mean neither do I really, but just because I’m across the sea travelling, doesn’t mean I have to give up who I am at my core. And at my core, I’m a Marvel fanatic who has to see the movie day one. Was twice in a row a little overboard? Probably.

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